Intersectionality statement

ASEED’s commitment to embed intersectionality as an organising principle “The cause of the majority is the cause for all of us! It is all of our humanity that we seek to recover, … verder lezen

Coronavirus in Times of Climate Change

A Reflection: Causes of zoonotic diseases  Covid-19 belongs to the category of zoonotic diseases like  ebola, SARS, MERS and Zika. The increasing spread and persistence of these diseases over the past 20 … verder lezen

ASEED is from now on active on Diaspora as well

It would be strange to have your preparation meeting for the next climate actions at McDonald’s. And we also don’t cc. our contact lists and plans to the secret service. We criticise … verder lezen

About us

ASEED Europe (Action for Solidarity, Equality, Environment, and Diversity Europe) is an international campaigning organisation, giving importance to involving youth in direct democracy activities. ASEED Europe targets the structural causes of environmental destruction and social injustice.

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Annual Report 2008

The annual report gives a good overview of the activities of A SEED Europe in 2008. There are two version available to download: Here you can find a higher resolution version to … verder lezen

Contact us

Visit, phone, write or email us:

ASEED Europe
Plantage Doklaan 12 a,
1018 CM Amsterdam,
The Netherlands.
Tel: +31-20-668-2236
Fax: +31-20-468 2275


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