The Monsanto Tribunal in the home stretch

The takeover of Monsanto by Bayer has officially been announced for $66 billion, bringing this way a lot of press and public attention to the Monsanto Tribunal.

The Monsanto Tribunal judges are ready… Where’s Monsanto?

On July 12th, the organizers of the International Monsanto Tribunal announced the installation of three international judges who will co-chair the citizens’ tribunal, scheduled for October 15-16 in The Hague, Netherlands.

Dramatic figures: The value of Dutch agricultural exports reaches record high in 2015

Bewerkt artikel. Het origineel was gepubliceerd op op 06 juni 2016 ( Last year the value of Dutch agriculture exports amounted to 81.3 billion Euros, the highest level ever. If products … verder lezen

Successful Reclaim the Seeds in Wageningen

Around 1000 participants in seed fair and workshop programme on the campus of the University of Wageningen. Joint statement against patents on crop plants and against the power position of the major … verder lezen

GMO labelling in the USA: a tipping point for the industry?

While labelling GMO ingredients in food is mandatory in the European Union, it is still debated in the USA. Vermont is the first state which has passed a law to force companies … verder lezen

There is a Climate Treaty, now we have to stop climate change

On December 12th, a new agreement has been signed at the UN Climate summit after a day of delay. Unfortunately, nothing concrete has been agreed upon. The words ‘fossil fuels’ and ‘agriculture’ … verder lezen

The Monsanto Tribunal

During the Climate Summit in Paris, the date of the Monsanto Tribunal has been revealed. It will take place in: The Hague – 14th – 16th of October 2016 For an increasing … verder lezen

The Immokalee workers won from Ahold!

After years of campaigning and actions the Supermarket Holding Ahold finally changed it’s policy in the US: the company signed the Fair Food Programme in Florida. The result of this is that … verder lezen

Food Otherwise Manifest

The manifest of the Dutch Voedsel Anders movement is so far only available in Dutch.

Declaration of the International forum for Agroecology

From February 24th to February 27th 2015, about 300 delegates from organisations of small-scale food producers and consumers met up in Nyélini in Mali to discuss agroecology as a keystone for food … verder lezen

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