“Connecting movements for fossil-free agriculture!”

The seventh edition of the Food Autonomy Festival (FAF) in Amsterdam is taking place this upcoming June. The FAF is a three-day gathering that aims to create an open and accessible space for collectives, organizations, farmers, artists, young academics, and others who fight for social and ecological justice. A place where we exchange perspectives, ideas, knowledge and skills about topics related to food and social justice; a moment to create new relationships and strengthen existing ones.

Above all, the FAF has been a place to visibilize, connect and celebrate alternatives and resistances to the corporate-controlled industrial food system. A site of resistance, solidarity, and autonomy, where we challenge racism, sexism, coloniality, and oppression in all its forms.

Like every year, celebration is at the heart of FAF! This year however, it will aim to be a movement’s coalition building process. We want to use this gathering to bridge the gap between the agroecology, climate justice and anti-gas movements. By focusing on the dependency of the industrial food system on the fossil fuel industry, we hope to combine our struggles and build more powerful coalitions.

We need to simultanously take down the fossil fuel industry and the agro-industry in order to achieve the much-needed agricultural and societal change!

On the 9th, 10th, and 11th of June, we will come together at ADM Noord / Het Groene Veld (Buikslotermerdijk 95) in Amsterdam (read more about the location & how to get there here) to explore alternatives for a viable, just, sustainable, and fossil-free agricultural system and world. Through open discussions, workshops, hands-on farming activities and cultural events we aim to find common ground where movements fighting for social, climate and agricultural justice can meet.

The festival will be structured around four main themes:
·    Resisting a Fossil-fueled and Oppressive (Food) System
·    Strategies to Build and Connect Movements
·    Regenerative Culture
·    Food Autonomy through Practices / Agroecology in practice

We want to emphasise the theme of “Connecting Movements” throughout the entire Food Autonomy Festival. To achieve this, we believe it would be beneficial to  establish a framework that promotes such connections.The idea is to facilitate connections between individuals from various movements in spaces outside of workshops or presentations, through the use of various tools to encourage conversations during breaks between workshops, panels, and presentations. The ultimate objective is to cultivate trust between people and movements, creating an fertile ground for future collaborations. Read more about it here!

To find out more about this year’s program, you can visit this page (more information coming up soon)!

Economic Accessibility
– We will ask for a €3 suggested donation per person at the entrance, in order to cover the costs of the festival. But this is just a suggestion, and if someone cannot afford this, we will not refuse them entry. Economic accessibility also means being able to compensate the workshop givers who share their time and energy on their work for us.
– Food tickets will cost approximately €4 per meal (€2 for drinks), but we will have a small portion of tickets for those who cannot afford to buy one.
– Please let us know at the info stall if you would like to make use of this.

Do you want to participate to this movement building process? Do you have a campaign, an initiative, a project or a performance that you would want to share with all participants? We are currently finalising the program but there is space for additional contributions! Contact us before the 28st May to info@aseed.net.

Compost agribussiness! Compost the fossil industry! Fossil Free Agriculture now!