1st GMO-free zone in Romania!
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No Geneticaly Modified Organisms (GMOs) in our fields

The National Federation of Organic Farmers (FNAE) and the Information Centre on GMOs (InfOMG – Romania) announce the declaration of the first GMO Free Region in Romania. A number of 26 localities from the Bistrita Nasaud county, declared themselves as GMO Free Zones.

News from Curitiba, Brazil: Terminator rejected!
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Just an hour ago here in Brazil, the Chair of the UN meeting announced
that governments have agreed to reject language that would have
undermined the moratorium on Terminator. Groups, communities and
individuals across the world have joined together in this fight to ban
Terminator and your action has been effective in thisi mportant first
step.The Ban Terminator Campaign will continued to monitor the meetings
today and next week.

“Millions Against Monsanto” campaign launched
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The Organic Consumers organisation in the US started a campaign against biotechmultinational Monsanto. Sign the "Millions Against Monsanto" petition, demanding that the Monsanto Corporation stops intimidating small family farmers, stops force-feeding untested and unlabeled genetically engineered foods on consumers and stops using billions of dollars of US taypayers’ money to subsidize genetically engineered crops – cotton, soybeans, corn, and canola.


Call for solidarity with GM activists in Spain
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On Thursday October 19th, the court case takes place against Albert Ferré for an anti-GM action against a wheat field near Lleida – Spain in 2003. He is facing jail and a huge damage claim. Transgenics Fora! (Transgenics Out! – a grass root platform from Catalunya – Spain) calls for active solidarity with him and another anti-GM activist. These are the first two cases in court.

Support Greek farmers’ lawsuit against Syngenta
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On Thursday 26th of October 2006, the first of a series of lawsuits
of the General Confederation of Greek Agrarian Association (GESASE) against companies that unlawfully supplied GM contaminated seeds to
Greek farmers, will take place at Athens Court of Justice. The State Inspection Authorities found  Syngenta and
Pioneer to supply such seeds about two years ago.
It is of critical
importance that such unlawful practices are condemned by the Court and
that firms who undermine the interests of the farmers and the rural
world, compensate for the damages that they have caused.

Kildare becomes Irelands 9th GMO-free zone
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DUBLIN, 24 October 2006 – Kildare County Council became the ninth county on the island of Ireland to declare itself a GMO-free zone [1]. The decision was taken by the elected County Councillors at a meeting yesterday. The Motion states “that this County Council takes all possible measures necessary to promote and maintain Kildare as a genetically modified crop-free zone, in order to protect the interests of farmers and to encourage development of our valuable agricultural industry”.

Film: “Roundup Ready Nation”
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Dying for profits
Roundup Ready Nation was inspired by the epidemic of illness and the culture of America that centers around doctors and medicines to treat but failed to inform doctors what Americans are eating. The film looks at the legislation, politics, science and spin, surrounding genetically engineered food.

19&20 April – 3rd International Conference on GMO-Free Regions
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The 3rd International Conference on GMO-free Regions, Biodiversity and Rural Development will bring together representatives from GMO-free regional governments and municipalities, from farmers, consumers, environmental and other organisations active in the field of GMO-free agriculture and the self-determination of regions. It will be helt in Brussels on 19th and 20th of April.

More GMO-Free Regions in Romania
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14 new local authorities demand from the government the right to ban GMOs

A group of municipalities in the Cluj County – the so-called Huedin microregion – have declared themselves as a GMO-Free Zone. This makes it Romania’s second GMO-Free Region. The 14 localities followed the example of another GMO-Free Region established in the Bistrita Nasaud County in March 2006 (2 towns and 24 communes).

Portugese activists need support after succesful action against field with gm-maize
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Call for support from Portugal:

On the 17th of August 2007 the ‘Movimento Verde Eufémia’ went into action of civil disobedience, targeting the first transgenic field in the Algarve GMO Free Zone in South Portugal. 65 mowers entered the field and were able to mow a hectare of GM corn in less than 20 minutes. The action was publicly announced in the media and took place in broad daylight. Watch a video reportage

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