SEEDmail #40 – The verdict of the Monsanto Tribunal? We will celebrate this with a Food Autonomy Festival

We have a lot to share about our activities of the past months. And we have some plans for the coming weeks. A good moment for a SEEDmail, ASEEDs newsletter that appears … verder lezen

SEEDmail #39: Cooking Monsanto, judging the planet

A last minute announcement for all SEEDmail readers close to Amsterdam: coming Friday, September 9, a second Cooking the Planet will take place: an open campaign meeting to discuss our plans for … verder lezen

SEEDmail #38: Cooking the planet, but first patent it

Another informative piece of SEEDmail consisting of announcements of events to come and reports on events that are done! In the coming months ASEED will continue with a campaign on agriculture and … verder lezen

SEEDmail #37: The Climate Treaty has been saved, now the climate

Most of the ASEED team has been in Paris for the Climate Summit – discussing emissions and sustainable agricultural alternatives, organising protests and meeting old and new activist friends. A well deserved … verder lezen

SEEDmail #24 – November 2012

Hi all,

Welcome to the new SEEDmail, ASEED’s irregular digital newsletter. Lots of anouncements and calls again, many with a genetically manipulated aspect to it……well, probably because those horrid GMOs will be the focus of our informative and activist activities in 2013. We have plenty “dirty little” plans, unfortunately not yet the financial and human resources to realise them all. Continue reading to find out what we’re up to, how we think to tackle the problems and how you can help to solve them…..

verder lezen

SEEDmail #36 – Paris and Beyond

November 4, 2015 – Once again we welcome you to read our periodical newsletter SEEDmail, full to the brim with exciting news concerning ASEED’s activities and future plans. It’s all hands on … verder lezen

SEEDmail #35 – Yes we camp!

Welcome to ASEED’s irregular newsletter SEEDmail. Wow, four months since the previous one! That’s what happens when you’re too busy organizing all sorts of new activities. There has also been some personnel … verder lezen

SEEDmail #34 – Reclaim the Seeds, Reclaim the Fields, Reclaim the Climate!

Reclaim Power, Reclaim our economy… and we could go on and on with the things we should acquire control of again or should take into our own hands again. But we are … verder lezen

Seedmail #33 New website, looking for donors, Reclaim the Seeds and more

[An email version of SEEDmail #34 is linking by mistake to this page. Number 34 you can find here.] As the end of the year is approaching the time has come for … verder lezen

SEEDmail #32 – July 2014, about our campaign developments and more!

Hi! Here is another irregular ASEED newsletter, including a summary of what has been going on with our campaigns lately as well as what our future plans are. And, as it is … verder lezen

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