Stop TTIP and start doing something useful

On Saturday the 10th of October 10th, various actions took place against TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) in many European cities. In Amsterdam about 7000 people joined a demonstration true the … verder lezen

Raise Alarm against TTIP!

Demonstration: October 10th at 13 hours in Amsterdam, Jonas Daniël Meijerplein The joined call for action of the Dutch Stop TTIP Coalition is only available in Dutch: TTIP plaatst grote bedrijven boven … verder lezen

European Citizen’s Initiative on TTIP and CETA

Please sign the European Citizen’s Initiative on TTIP and CETA, free trade agreements with respectively the US and Canada. ASEED, together with a broad movement of organisations and individuals, wants to prevent … verder lezen

Blockupy March 18: solidarity with Greece and against TTIP

March 18 is rapidly approaching. On that day the European Central Bank will inaugurate its’ new, 1,3 billion costing skyscraper. The activists united in *Blockupy* will seize that moment to clarify there … verder lezen

International action day against TTIP

On the 11th of October a Trojan Horse has been build on the Beursplein in Amsterdam. This is symbolising how TTIP is opening the gate for international corporations. There will be as … verder lezen

TTIP DIY action evening in the Vrankrijk

Thursday July 31st – Amsterdam With a presentation, discussion, action brainstorm and materials making. [:]

Acties in Den Haag tegen vrijhandelsverdrag TTIP

In Den Haag kwamen vandaag (19 mei) zo’n 80 mensen bijeen om te protesteren tegen het TTIP, het vrijhandelsverdrag waarover de EU en de VS op dit moment onderhandelen. De aanleiding was … verder lezen