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Land reforms! NO Steakholder Conferences!

Amsterdam – Today, Image A SEED Europe held a picket-line at a conference on genetically modified soy. The objective of the meeting was to discuss sustainability risks and benefits of GM soy and to formulate management options for companies.  A SEED reminded participants upon arrival that not only is GM still controversial, but so is large-scale soy production in general. A SEED did not participate in the conference itself because the announcement made clear that in our eyes crucial poignant issues in the (GM) soy debate were not open for discussion. The organisors want to have a dialogue with the soy industry and that is impossible if the use of GM crops or production reduction are on the table. Read more in below press release on the conference and the criticism of the peasant movements in the south and critical organisatons in the north.

Screenings of The Future of Food

Regularly screenings of the documentary The Future of Food are being organised by A SEED or other organisations, often combined with a discussion about gmos in the food chain. Below you find announcements of upcoming screenings that we know of, and events that took place in the past, mostly in The Netherlands.

Link to description of The Future of Food on link to

Screenings of The Farmer and the Gene

Regularly screenings of the documentary The Farmer and the Gene are being organised by A SEED or other organisations, often combined with a discussion about gmos in the food chain. Click here to find announcements of upcoming screenings that we know of, and events that took place in the past. … verder lezen

Discussion evenings on Genetechnology in agriculture – autumn 2007

In autumn 2007 a series of six information & discussion evenings took place as part of the project 'Genetechnology in agriculture: what do you actually know about it?' A SEED facilitated the program with the motto “Who decides what's on our plates?” and the host organisation took care of local promotion and the accommodation. Five evenings took place in the Dutch cities Amsterdam, Den Bosch, Nijmegen, and Rotterdam, and a sixth took place in Ghent, Belgium. The program of each evening consisted of screening parts of relevant documentaries (The Future of Food and TranXgenia) and a presentation of the current state of affairs in The Netherlands (or Belgium) and Europe. This opened the way for a final participatory debate, often based on issues raised by the audience or an invited speaker.

Vertoning Gen Zoekt Boer – 27 november, Amsterdam

Op 27 november verzorgt de milieuwerkgroep van Wijkcentrum de Oostelijke Binnenstad i.a.m.  A SEED een vertoning van de film Gen Zoekt Boer in de Oosterkerk, Wittenburgerstraat, Amsterdam, met aansluitend discussie. Lees hier meer over de avond en hier over de film.

Overview GMO related petitions

The Dutch website has a partition in the agenda with all (known) petitions about genetic modification and related issues. From each petition you can find a short description and a link to the website hosting the petition. The descriptions are in Dutch but most petitions the page is referring … verder lezen

Farmer and the Gene in Mondiaal Centrum Haarlem

(information in dutch)
Woensdag 4 juni 2008 vindt de laatste Café Globaal plaats voor de zomervakantie.  Om vol ideeën en inspiratie de zomer in te gaan nodigen we extra veel gasten uit. De avond wordt afgesloten met de 24 minuten durende film ‘Gen zoekt boer’. Met de verwachtingen en twijfels van boeren als vertrekpunt, onderzoekt de documentaire verschillende aspecten van gentechnologie in de landbouw zoals het samengaan van gemanipuleerde, biologische en gangbare gewassen en de milieuveiligheid en gezondheidsrisico's van GGO's. Kunnen de verschillende benaderingen van voedselproductie vredig naast elkaar bestaan of zijn ze onverenigbaar in een klein land als Nederland?

Debate on genetic manipulation in agriculture: Blessing or Nightmare?

Image Debate in Assen, 2nd of June, 19h30, Assen (de Schalm). (info in dutch:)
In Assen organiseren SP Drenthe, D66 in Drenthe, Natuur en milieugroep Midden Drenthe en L.T.O. noord een debat over genetische manipulatie in de landbouw op maandag 2 juni . Sprekers zijn: Jan Mulder (VVD Europarlementariër), Krista van Velzen (SP Tweede kamerlid), Michel Haring (Universiteit van Amsterdam), Peter Bruinenberg (AVEBE), Maaike Raaijmakers (Biologica) en Jan Storms. De avond begint om 19u30 (deuren open vanaf 19h) in de Schalm. De documentaire "Gen Zoekt Boer" wordt vertoond, en er is een gastoptreden van Wieteke van Dort met harpmuziek van Mona Moog.

Eternal Mash, 29 mei

ode to the crop

At the 29th of May at 22.50 p.m. the documentary Eternal Mash (Catherine van Campen) will be broadcasted on Dutch public television (Ned2). At the same time the movie is broadcasted there will be an international convention on biological diversity in Bonn (Germany). More than 5,000 delegates from all over the world will visit Bonn to discuss the protection and the preservation of species and habitats, a sustainable use of biological diversity as well as a fair distribution of access and exploitation.
The importance of preservation of species is Ruurd his message as well.

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