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(2007; Documentary in Catalan, Spanish, English, subtitles in 8 languages – 37min – a production of the Serindipia Collective)GMOs are quietly getting more and more present in our lifes;  from the producer's … verder lezen

Dutch Minister Verburg receives 10,500 letters against greenwashing toxic soy

A SEED makes participants GMO Conference 2009 jump through hoop

ImageThe Hague, 25 November 2009 – During the GMO Conference 2009 the Dutch Minister of Agriculture Verburg received a petition from the Campaign against Toxic Soy, signed by 10.500 people. They call the Dutch government to stop putting development money into the Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS). … verder lezen

Stop Dutch support toxic GM soy greenwash

Sign the second petition of calling the Dutch government, WWF and Solidaridad to stop their support to the Round Table greenwash of toxic GM soy.

On May 28th 2009 the international ‘Round Table on Responsible Soy’ (RTRS) has agreed on criteria for ‘responsible’ soy. These are very weak and do not offer an effective solution for the grave impacts of soy production. Even worse, they legitimise genetically modified (GM) soy, designed to be produced with large quantities of pesticides at the cost of people and the environment. We question the important role World Wildlife Fund, Solidaridad, and the Dutch government play in this Round Table process, either by funding it or by being actively involved in it. WWF is claims to be against GMOs. … verder lezen

30 August: The World according to Monsanto

ImageSunday 30th of August – 17.00 – VOKOMOKUM   Plantagedoklaan 8  Amsterdam

 Film screening: “The World according to Monsanto”, providing a shocking picture of an agro-multinational, worldwide market leader in pesticides and seeds. Monsanto is one of the most controversial companies in history as a result of their blackmailing, lies, corruption, and of course poisonous products. After the film info about the STOP GMO initiative and local food.… verder lezen

Film-Theater: To bio or not to Bio

Image10-11-12 September 2009 – Amsterdam – premiere of dance-film-theater play To bio or not to Bio feat. "Percy" and "Lou" in their struggle with "GMO" and "Monsanto". Show is part of the Amsterdam Fringe Festival.

At De Nieuwe Anita, Frederik Hendrikstraat 111, starts at 8:30 PM, tickets 7.50 euros.… verder lezen

GMO-free March reached Brussels with 35.000 signatures for a GMO-free world

Image 43 Days after departure in Berlin the 'GMO free Hiking' tour reached its goal and destinaton on July 30: Brussels. Hannes Lorenzen,  spokesperson on argiculture and rural development in de European Parliament, received from the initiator of the march, organic entrepreneur and farmer  Joseph Wilhelm, 35.000 signatures. These were collected during the 6 weeks of the Genfrei Gehen-march only, to voice a widely supported call for a GMO free world.… verder lezen

Dutch GMO Free Zones conference well attended

ImageAbout 60 persons attended the Dutch conference about gmo-free zones that took place in the venue Boerderij Mereveld in Utrecht on February 4. The event, organised by Greenpeace Netherlands, organic chain representative Biologica, and A SEED, informed about the opportunities and limitations for creating gmo-free zones in the Netherlands. Participants formed a varied group consisting of farmers, provincial politicans, policy makers, activists, and concerned citizens.… verder lezen

Genetic Modification: Blessing or Fatal Error?

Sunday February 15 Hagen and Adrienne Jonker from the Friesch village Appelscha organised an afternoon  in the community center of Ravenswoud about genetic engineering in the food chain. ASEEDs film Farmer and The Gene as an introduction followed by 3 lectures and ending with a public discussion. … verder lezen

Banner Action at GM Soy Conference

Land reforms! NO Steakholder Conferences!

Amsterdam – Today, Image A SEED Europe held a picket-line at a conference on genetically modified soy. The objective of the meeting was to discuss sustainability risks and benefits of GM soy and to formulate management options for companies.  A SEED reminded participants upon arrival that not only is GM still controversial, but so is large-scale soy production in general. A SEED did not participate in the conference itself because the announcement made clear that in our eyes crucial poignant issues in the (GM) soy debate were not open for discussion. The organisors want to have a dialogue with the soy industry and that is impossible if the use of GM crops or production reduction are on the table. Read more in below press release on the conference and the criticism of the peasant movements in the south and critical organisatons in the north.… verder lezen

Screenings of The Future of Food

Regularly screenings of the documentary The Future of Food are being organised by A SEED or other organisations, often combined with a discussion about gmos in the food chain. Below you find announcements of upcoming screenings that we know of, and events that took place in the past, mostly in The Netherlands.

Link to description of The Future of Food on link to www.thefutureoffood.comverder lezen

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