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Shell Must Fall Action May 2021

On May 18, 2021, the day of Shell’s annual shareholders’ meeting, supporters of Shell Must Fall took action against the fossil multinational in countries including the Netherlands, Nigeria, Ghana, Germany, Sweden and Belgium. ASEED was present in Den Haag, where the first seeds were planted to create a museum for climate justice, a tribunal for climate crimes, and a lushious garden.

This is sorely needed! In the midst of an ecological and climate crisis, global multinationals have no business getting together to celebrate their business model. We, however, do have something to celebrate – years of resistance against Shell’s violation of human rights and disregard for the lives and livelihoods of communities from which they extract fossil fuels. That’s why ASEED, Je Moeder, Code Rood and XR Netherlands are starting the process of dismanteling the company and rebuilding it with a place to celebrate climate and social justice. 

Code Rood showed up with construction workers and a wrecking ball to symbolize the dismanteling of Shell and ASEED created a garden of resistance in front of Shell’s Headquarters, being ready for that what comes after the demolition:  transformation & regeneration). Their doorstep was filled with roots and fruits of resistance from carrots to moss and we also planted a chestnut forest at their doorstep, which will crack up the asphalt from below.