Reading Group Report #9-Who owns the land? Land Struggles and Land Grabbing

On Wednesday the 25th of November we had another online reading group on the highly complex topic of “Who controls the land?”. There were many interesting readings, but we chose to focus … verder lezen

ASEED analysis of the CAP 2020 proposed reforms

After a long week of dramatic negotiations, the MEP’s voted on the CAP reform proposal on the 21st of October. As expected, business as usual for the agro-food industry was proposed. The … verder lezen

Reading group report #8 – Food Sovereignty/Autonomy & Food Security

On Wednesday 28th October we started again with the first new reading group after the summer. The Topic was “Food Sovereignty/Autonomy and Food Security” and we read two different texts of which … verder lezen

What to expect in a forest occupation?

Danni Blog Part 3: So far, this blog has tried to more or less objectively describe the place and its logistics. But how your experience is, what you spend your days doing, … verder lezen

What is the Danni?

Danni Blog part 2: The Danni is many things and definitely more than just a forest. A protest-camp, press area, the kitchen, support structures in surrounding cities and villages and more. Here’s … verder lezen

What’s happening in the Dannenröder forest?

Danni Blog Part 1: The Dannenröder Forst, or Danni is a forest in the center of Germany. It is also one of the key struggles of the climate justice movement in Germany … verder lezen

Solidarity Farming project and Voku night

October 2020 has been the Good Food Good Farming action month! ASEED took part in it by supporting the online actions, sharing relevant content regarding the importance of this month and what … verder lezen

3 key learnings for seed sovereignty in the global South

What’s happening with seeds in the global South? After the cancellation of the Reclaim the Seeds this year, ASEED decided to connect with seed custodians from the global South and combine with recent research including front-line indigenous and/or peasant … verder lezen

The climate uprising in Europe

During Spring 2020 many events, protests and climate camps were cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which was and is all over the news. The pandemic is anything but over and we … verder lezen

The Lutkemeer Polder and Boterbloem Farm – A Space for Urban Food Autonomy?

With a globally rising urban population1, how to feed the cities has become of increasing concern. The question of how to feed a larger amount of people, however, often leads to technocratic solutions that speak … verder lezen

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