ESC positions available for the Fossil Free Agriculture campaign – Apply Now!

Do you have an affinity with activism, grass-roots organising, or campaigning on agriculture and food issues, as well as social justice? Are you concerned about climate change? Would you like to change … verder lezen

Food Autonomy Festival #8

Food Autonomy Festival #8: Growing resilient roots in common ground. Let’s come together to build resilience in the food justice movement! The Food Autonomy Festival (FAF) is a three-day gathering organised by … verder lezen

Les Soulevements de la Terre tour

Last month, we had the pleasure to host Les Soulevements de la Terre and Bassines non Merci in their tour across Central Europe. They were able to share their struggle, history, and … verder lezen

The connection between the Hydrogen energy hype, fertilizers and the fossil fuel industry

Why the synthetic fertilizer industry loves fossil fuels:Synthetic fertilizers producers rely on fossil fuels as their main input. Through multiple industrial processes fossil gas is converted to the fertilizer Ammonia (NH₃). As … verder lezen

🔥 People’s Summit Against EGC 🔥

One more year, we’ll take part in the counter conference to the European Gas Conference (EGC) on Vienna! While the EGC will bring together big corporations and politicians to give continuity to … verder lezen

Les Soulevements de la Terre on tour!

Les Soulèvements de la Terre will be in Amsterdam next week! At their stops across NL, Germany, and the Czech Republic, they will provide insights into their experiences, strategies and forms of … verder lezen

ASEED Workshop @2.Dh5 Festival

If We Don’t Talk About Food, it’s Not My Revolution! This workshop is about the intersections between neighborhood solidarity and alternatives to the industrial-capitalist food system. We will first have a short … verder lezen

Protest against YARA

“SHIT SHOW” Protest against YARA Milieudefensie Jong is organising a “Shit Show” protest in Utrecht this week. Just like in an award show, different movements are going to hand out all kinds … verder lezen

Regeneratie Festival: eat or be eaten

Do you know where your morning cup of coffee comes from? What a potato tells us about the history of Amsterdam? Experience how you can contribute to a sustainable world through the … verder lezen

Denounce corporate greenwashing & co-optation – Nourish food systems for peoples & planet

On the 6th and 7th of September, the agri-food industry is repeating last year’s so-called “Regenerative Agriculture & Food Systems Summit“. At a critical time of climate chaos, environmental degradation and malnutrition … verder lezen

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