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Extended Deadline: ESC positions available for the Fossil Free Agriculture campaign – Apply Now!


Do you have an affinity with activism, grass-roots organising, or campaigning on agriculture and food issues, as well as social justice? Are you concerned about climate change? Would you like to change our current food system towards a more fair and sustainable one? We are looking for new ESC members (European Solidarity Corps) to join the ASEED team in Amsterdam for a period of one year, starting in September 2024. If you are between 18 and 30 years old, speak English, and would like to join us, then maybe this is something for you. Read more about it below and get in touch

What is ASEED Europe?

ASEED Europe (Action for Sustainability, Environment, Equality and Diversity) is a small grassroots action and campaign group, with people from various parts of the world, Europe in particular, working and volunteering in the office in Amsterdam. ASEED targets the structural causes of environmental destruction and social injustice. At the same time, we promote sustainable alternatives. Our general campaign goal is to promote food autonomy. Although our focus is on environmental-related topics, we are a political organisation which believes that social justice is an essential facet of solving environmental issues.

We support the rights of individuals and communities all around the world to determine their own lives. Therefore, we work with groups which promote local democracy and social justice, as well as taking these principles as a starting point in our own campaigns. We believe in freedom of movement, defend the rights of many, especially minorities and the oppressed, and support organisations which support refugees. Our commitment to equity is also reflected in our non-hierarchical working practices, whereby decisions are made by consensus. Moreover, we try to identify and work on our own biases as people, and within our organisation.

Under the umbrella of the Fossil Free Agriculture campaign our work is currently focusing on the links between food systems and climate change. We regularly organise or participate in activities within those fields such as information sessions, festivals, European exchanges, etc. In addition, ASEED collaborates with various groups and initiatives, from the local to the international level. Examples are the promotion of community supported agriculture projects, an active participation in the (Dutch) Agroecology Network, the collaboration with the Gastivists collective. One of the main activities that ASEED puts time towards is the organisation of the annual Food Autonomy Festival.

As an ESC member, you will be helping out with realising these activities in collaboration with other team members. The main working language in ASEED is English.

Our main campaign is currently the Fossil Free Agriculture campaign (FFA). You can find more information about our ideas, goals, and ways of working together for this campaign by checking About ASEED. The FFA, like all our campaigns, is organised based on the information that can be found in our Mission Statement , Intersectionality Statement, and Safer Space Policy.

Other key tasks and responsibilities will vary depending on you skills and motivations, but may include:

  • setting up information activities such as dinners and reading groups in various social centers in Amsterdam and the Netherlands,
  • facilitating and/or giving workshops and presentations,
  • fundraising (benefit dinners, application writing),
  • communications (website, social media use, writing articles and newsletter items),
  • producing campaign materials (brochures, flyers, stickers, posters etc.),
  • networking & info distribution (tabling at and participating in events, mail-outs),
  • following news/research campaign topics,
  • participating in action camps,
  • participating in general in ASEED office tasks (answering emails, keeping the office tidy, helping to plan agendas and facilitate meetings).

What do we ask:

  • fluency in English,
  • between 18 and 30 years (general ESC criteria),
  • EU residence or nationality other than Dutch (general ESC criteria),
  • high motivation and sense of responsibility,
  • experience in (grassroots) activism / organising,
  • a desire to be working within a horizontal, non-hierarchical organisation,
  • ability to function well as part of a small team within a dynamically developing campaign,
  • knowledge and interest in agriculture and food issues, and issues related to climate change,
  • affinity with social and environmental struggles and activism in general.


  • graphic design and other creative skills,
  • experience with communications, media and marketing work,
  • comfortable leading talks and panel discussions.
  • motivation to participate in fundraising work.

Application procedure: 

The position will be based in Amsterdam, at ASEED’s office, from September 2024 to September 2025. The ESC provides a relatively low budget and can offer a small financial compensation. ASEED will aim to help you with finding accommodation in Amsterdam. Candidates with fewer opportunities* are encouraged to apply. If you are interested, please send your motivation letter and CV to info@aseed.net.

The NEW application deadline is 19th May 2024. The (online) interviews with short-listed candidates are going to be held in the last week of May or the first week of June. Please keep your schedule flexible during those weeks in order for us to schedule an interview with you. Contact us by email if you have any questions. Thank you and we are looking forward to reading your application!

*For more information on fewer opportunities see pages 6 and 7 of the ESC guide