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Red Ons Groen – Save the Lutkemeerpolder!

Save our Green!

The initiative Behoud Lutkemeer and Voedselpark Amsterdam have launched the campaign Red ons Groen. Together, we want to prevent that Proptimize BV, will build a 55,000 m2 (that is seven soccer fields) distribution hall on Amsterdam’s last fertile agricultural land. With Red ons Groen, we will not accept that the destruction of fertile soil is used for the profit of real estate developers with no connection to the city and land. Now, in March 2024, it is more important than ever that we show our support for Red on Groen because for this first quarter of the year the construction of the largest distribution center is scheduled and the partial revision of the zoning plan is on the municipal agenda. This is the last chance for our politicians to stop the construction plans and make space for community-led urban agriculture.

This is how you can help us:

1) We aim to collect 100.000 signatures in support of the idea of saving the Lutkemeerpolder via our website.

2) March 6, 12-2 PM @Gustav Mahlerplein near Station Zuid Red ons Groen will take over the Zuidas and protest against the real estate developers, who, with internationa investors, are building huge distribution centers on our scarce land and greenery. Together we will build a large gray distribution center to cover the last bits of green in the park. We want to show that many citizens support this action. You are more than welcome to join us, dressed as construction worker or project developer!

3) March 13, 1-3 PM @Stopera Save our Green will populate the plaza in front of the Stopera with “butterfly” children and people of all ages in colourful animal costumes. With this, we want to put biodiversity on the agenda!

More actions and information will be announced via the Red ons Groen Agenda website.
Don’t hesitate to contact us.