Red Ons Groen: protest

Red Ons Groen (Save our Green) will populate the plaza in front of the Stopera with “butterfly” children and people of all ages in colourful animal costumes. With this, we want to … verder lezen

Red Ons Groen – Save the Lutkemeerpolder!

Save our Green! The initiative Behoud Lutkemeer and Voedselpark Amsterdam have launched the campaign Red ons Groen. Together, we want to prevent that Proptimize BV, will build a 55,000 m2 (that is … verder lezen

Red Ons Groen: Protest for the Lutkemeer Polder

Red Ons Groen campaign is organising a protest to defend Lutkemeer! (English below) RED ONS GROEN VAN DE POEN! Kom naar het Red ons groen Zuidas protest (6 maart, 12:00-14:00) Het laatste … verder lezen

Kick-off campaign: Voedselpark Amsterdam & Behoud Lutkemeer

In 2024, we will continue! Will you join us? At this meeting we will tell you about our plans and together we will devise a series of public actions, poster sticking actions, … verder lezen

The struggle of preserving the Lutkemeerpolder – Updates

An update on recent events in and around the Lutkemeerpolder.… verder lezen

MSc Thesis about the Lutkemeerpolder

One of the ASEED interns conducted an in-depth study on the history of the Lutkemeerpolder as a Master Thesis research for the programme of Sustainable Development at Utrecht University (Faculty of Geosciences). … verder lezen