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Update: Amsterdam prepares to destroy Boterbloem Farm and Lutkemeerpolder

On December 19 the Amsterdam city government (GroenLinks, D66, PvdA en SP) made it’s final decision that the Lutkemeerpolder and Boterbloem organic farm will not be saved, and will instead be turned into a business park for Schiphol Airport. The city offered 2 hectares of land to the Boterbloem Farm to continue it’s work as a ‘care farm’ (zorgboerderij). The farm is still in negotiation with the municipality of Amsterdam about which two hectares of land they will get to keep.

"Land Grab" by Federico Boyd Sulapas Dominguez
“Land Grab” by Federico Boyd Sulapas Dominguez

This decision by the Amsterdam city government is frankly ridiculous. Similarly to the disgraceful abuse of the ADM community, the supposed “green and progressive city government” has again chosen to support the wishes of speculators, instead of taking control and planning a city that is best for those of us who live here. Because many people do not agree with this outcome The Lutkemeer Leger, a group of Amsterdammers who feel that fertile ground for local food production and green space for the city is more valuable than profits for a small number of people, have decided that it is time to make plans of our own.

For this your support is needed. If you would like to come and hear the plans, and get involved directly with protecting this space for all of our futures, then please come join! There will be a meeting on Monday January 21th at NieuwLand at 20:00. There will be two main points of discussion. The establishment of the Lutkemeervrijstaat and organizing actions to continue to gather more support.

Come join us! Want to know more? Check out behoudlutkemeer.nl