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Solidarity with Hambach Forest! Stop Climate change!

From the threatened Lutkemeerpolder in Amsterdam we stand in solidarity with everyone fighting to protect the Hambach Forest, which is at this moment being destroyed by RWE and the German state. Hambach is one of the oldest forests of Europe and is being cut for the expansion of the Hambach open pit mine. This gigantic mine produces lignite, one of the most polluting fossil fuels.

This picture is an act of solidarity with the struggle of the Hambach Forest. In the Lutkemeerpolder, we are struggling against the same logic of exploitation as both the people in Hambach and the people of Groningen and their struggle against the gas extraction. Large corporations such as RWE, NAM (sHell and ExxonMobil) and Schiphol Airport see climate nature and people as a commodity to profit from and don’t care about the world which is being destroyed. But we believe in the fact that ordinary people can stand up against this capitalist machine and fight back!

From 25th until 29th of October, at the beginning of the cutting season in Hambacher Forest, Ende Gelände organizes a mass action for climate justice and against the extraction and combustion of coal. From the Netherlands we are organising buses to join this action. We look forward to join forces with thousands of people from all over Europe to shut down the Hambach mine and fight for the survival of the forest and our planet!

Join Ende Gelände and sign up for places in the bus from the Netherlands via www.wijgaannaareg.nl

More information about the struggle in Hambacher Forest: http://hambachforest.blogsport.de/ & https://www.facebook.com/HambacherForstBesetzung & https://twitter.com/HambiBleibt

More information about the struggle to save the Lutkemeerpolder in Amsterdam: http://www.behoudlutkemeer.nl/ & https://www.facebook.com/behoudlutkemeer/