MOVE demo

The MOVE demo is needed more than ever, as Europe’s borders continue to be guarded with brute force, killing thousands every year. The reception centre in Ter Apel is once again bursting … verder lezen

Food Autonomy Festival #8

Food Autonomy Festival #8: Growing resilient roots in common ground.   Let’s come together to build resilience in the food justice movement!   The Food Autonomy Festival (FAF) is a three-day gathering … verder lezen

🔥 People’s Summit Against EGC 🔥

One more year, we’ll take part in the counter conference to the European Gas Conference (EGC) on Vienna! While the EGC will bring together big corporations and politicians to give continuity to … verder lezen

The Zapatistas and their Journey for Life

The group left Mexico in April this year, and it’s on its way to the continent, 500 years after the supposed conquest of what is today Mexico by Europeans. The year 2021 … verder lezen

Rojava Everywhere Workshop hosted by the Barricade Collective

“A policy that promises salvation from the present crisis can only lead to a proper social system if it is ecological”. – Abdullah Öcalan The event On the 23rd of February 2020, … verder lezen

[:nl]Solidariteit met Palestina

On Wednesday May 16th, we took this picture in front of the Vrankrijk, to give expression to our sadness and anger in the face of the continued violent oppression of the Palestinian … verder lezen