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April 16th: ‘Cooking the Planet’

Interested in feeding your thoughts and fueling your belly? Join us at the info-day ‘Cooking the Planet’ on the 16th of April in Amsterdam!cooking-the-planet

This day will feed your brain and fuel your belly with information, discussion and yummy food. It’s the initiation of a campaign relating to climate change, the agri-food system and farmers’ struggles.

In celebration of the International Day of Farmers’ Struggle and in conjunction with the Climate Justice Movement, ASEED invites you to attend an info-day on the 16th of April at the MKZ community kitchen in Amsterdam to explore the destructive impact that food production has on our climate.

We will be discussing the links between food production and global warming, the real solutions, the fake solutions and the different positions that we occupy within the food chain. Different possibilities for campaigns to change our environment and social system will be looked at. In this first edition of a series of events, the focus will be on the production and consumption of meat within the context of global climate change.

‘Cooking the Planet’ is an event where food for thought and healthy food for our bodies will be provided. Join us and be part of the change!



14:00-16:00: Our venture will begin with a screening ‘Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret.’ This documentary exposes the facts relating to the destructive impact industrial animal farming has on our climate. The documentary does not necessarily represents ASEEDs position, but it is guaranteed to provide much food for thought.

16:00-17:00: The links between food production and climate change will be explored.

17:00-17:30: Finger food tasting.

17:30-19:30: Plenary brainstorm and discussion about how to effectively reduce the destructive impact of food production and the food industry, followed by making plans for the agri-food-climate campaign.

19:30-21:00: A yummy vegan dinner with a story behind the ingredients.

21:00 onwards: Music, drinks and maybe even some dancing!

Confirmed organisations in attendance are as follows: Urban Farm Restaurant De Kas Kantine, Sugar City, Halfweg;  Toekomstboeren; Voedsel Anders; and Milieudefensie.


For some background information relating to the meat industry and its impact on climate change and as a point of reference for the campaign planning and discussion on Saturday, here is an article (in Dutch) from Milieudefensie.


Suggested donations to cover food costs are between 5-10 euro.

Limited places available! We are preparing a special menu, so we need to know in advance about your participation! Please register at: climate@aseed.net. If you have allergies, please specify.