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ASEED Podcast 1.0: “Violence vs. Non-violence through Frantz Fanon and Albert Camus”

“When we revolt it’s not for a particular culture. We revolt simply because, for many reasons, we can no longer breathe”, Frantz Fanon.

We are super excited to announce the first episode of our ASEED podcast, related to our bi-monthly theme “direct action”.

After Free the Soil, Behoud Lutkemeer, and the Extinction Rebellion week we wanted to research why we take the kind of action we take and how questions about violence or non-violence were central to many of our conversations. To wrap up these two months of direct action learning ASEED made our very first podcast! We invited Zack, a well read comrade, to join us for the podcast. The idea of the current episode is, to get some inspiration and spread knowledge about violent vs. non-violent approaches in socio-political struggles in general. More specifically, we are focusing on the different view points of Albert Camus and Frantz Fanon in the algerian independence movement. 

About the strucutre of this podcast, first we will elaborate on our choice of Camus & Fanon as representatives for violent vs non-violent action. Next, Zack, will give us some information about the background of those two philosophers leading up to their perspectives using violence / nonviolence in order to achieve their goals. Last we will learn how the approaches of those two figures apply to the very current context of socio-political struggles around the globe. 





We hope that you feel just as inspired as we do after listening to our podcast! The next podcast will be about gender and agriculture, touching topics such as ecofeminism, gender inequalities, intersectionality, neoruralization, etc. …

Do you have ideas for future speakers / topics / feedback about how to improve our podcast skills?

Then send an e-mail to livia@aseed.net or eduard@aseed.net 

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