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BREAKING the EU Hydrogen Week

Activists interrupted the European Hydrogen Week in Brussels. Yara International is a neocolonial enterprise that generates food insecurity, dependence on farmers, & exacerbates climate change.

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The activists infiltrated the evening cocktail event, where investors and companies from the Hydrogen Industry were gathered. Posing as YARA sellers, they distributed a package of nuts revealing the true face of YARA. #ThisIsYara

YARA is a gold sponsor of European Hydrogen Week. It is the 2nd largest synthetic nitrogen fertilizer company in the world & one of the most influential lobbies for hydrogen inside the EU.

The activists debunked the corporation’s mantra: Yara International does NOT “responsibly feed the world and protect the planet”…

🍴 YARA starves the world.

🤑 YARA traps the world.

🏭 YARA pollutes the world.

🤥 YARA lies to the world.

🏦 YARA indebts the world.

The fertilizers which YARA claims to “feed the world” cause devastating soil infertility by disrupting the nitrogen soil cycle. As a result, entire countries become indebted to YARA, because increasingly infertile soil calls for increased need for fertilizers.

The agro-chemical giant invests millions in this (neo)colonial strategy, and is currently targeting small farmers in Africa, Brazil, and India. e.g. YARA “donated” 40,000 tons of fossil fertilizers to East African farmers – the perfect debt trap for cementing their corporate control.

Nearly all of YARA’s fertilizers is produced with grey hydrogen in a process dependent on fossil gas. Yara International lobbies in favor of fracking and is the biggest industrial buyer of fossil gas in Europe.

When YARA uses “clean” ammonia, they mainly refer to fertilizers produced with blue hydrogen (fossil H2!). “Clean” ammonia will merely allow for an increase in fertilizer production, rather than a transition away.

Their idealistic global plans of green hydrogen perpetuate violent extractivism. GreenHydrogen = land grabbing and human rights violations in former colonised, climate vulnerable places including Namibia, Chile, Argentina, Congo, and South Africa.