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Climate Justice Action meeting

cja-logoCall out CJA Meeting 18-20 March 2016 in Amsterdam

Two months since COP21; since governments claimed they’d made history; since tens of thousands of us were in the streets of Paris, Europe, the world, denouncing the crossing of our red lines for a just and liveable planet. But it was never meant to stop there. Paris and COP21 were just the beginning, an excuse to get organised. Now the real work begins.

2016 is well underway, and the need to keep fighting, converging and building alternatives to this broken capitalist system is stronger than ever.

That’s why Climate Justice Action* – the European grassroots direct action network formed around COP21 – is calling its first meeting of 2016, in the Plantagedok, in the same building were ASEED has its office.

We want to bring those already involved with CJA alongside new groups fighting climate-trashing projects across Europe and North Africa.

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