Cycle Ende Gelände 2017

From August 16 till 22 activists will be cycling from London via Hoek van Holland to the climate camp in the Rhineland to take international action against climate injustice!

This August, people from all over Europe will be heading to the Climate Camp to join the Ende Gelände actions of mass civil disobedience and shut down the lignite coal mines in the Rhineland, in western Germany. We invite you to join us making that journey by bike. In a community spirit, sharing our stories, visiting inspiring projects, organising workshops, having fun and building a movement for climate justice!

Our schedule and route

We will gather in London on the evening of August 16th and set off early next day for Harwich, staying a night near Chelmsford on the way. A ferry ride over to The Hoek van Holland provides a rest day on the high seas! Over the next few days we will have stops in Rotterdam, Den Bosch and Liessel, arriving in the climate camp in Rheinland on Tuesday August 22nd to prepare for the Ende Gelände actions that take place at the end of the week.

You can join us anywhere along the way, whether you are starting in the UK, the Netherlands or somewhere else. (There are rides from other directions, including Vienna and Berlin!)

Practical info and how to join

Whether you are a keen experienced cyclist or only take your bike out on weekends, this ride will be adapted to whoever is on it. With a maximum of 80km per day, we will be riding in sub-groups and always gathering together at the end of the day.

Food and accommodation will be as affordable as possible. Bring a good bike and a little tent! Let us know where you would like to join and we will keep you updated about all practical details (ferry bookings, meeting points, etc). You can register here: | |