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FAF#7 Amsterdam is looking for volunteers!

📢 ASEED is seeking volunteers for this year’s Food Autonomy Festival #7! 📢

Would you like to participate in this year’s edition of the FAF? Are you motivated to take an active part in organisation of the festival? Do you have a couple of spare hours or days to help out? Then join us between 9-11 June at ADM Noord in Amsterdam as a volunteer.
We are currently seeking volunteers for five teams: Awareness, Logistics, Kitchen, First Aid and Translation. The tasks for each of the groups are the following:

🤗 Awareness:
– Handle conflicts that might arise, such as instances of discrimination
– Be visible, approachable and attentive, being there for people who might need support
– Work with an awareness buddy who will be at a shift with you
– Disclaimer: we are not asking you to take on professional level mediation, care work or therapy, we are just volunteers

🏃 Logistics:
– Build up and down of the festival facilities
– Transportation of equipment
– Cleaning of the facilities
– Technological support of the audio or video equipment

🧑‍🍳 Kitchen:
– Assisting with cooking duties at the festival
– Cutting vegetables
– Serving food to lovely people
– Dishwashing

🤸 First aid:
– Being on-call for any instances in which first aid might be needed
– Assisting with non-urgent medical problems
– Disclaimer: The volunteering role does not include interventions for any serious incidents in which professional medical care would be needed

🙋 Translation:
– Providing (whisper) translation from Dutch to English and vice versa during festival events

Volunteering includes participation during the festival duration and a short training session for members of the Awareness team on the topic of basic conflict resolution, intersectionality, and anti-oppression. No previous experience or skills are needed for either of the groups, with the exception of the First aid role, where we are looking specifically for people who have passed a first aid training. The working hours are flexible and we can try to work around everyone’s schedule.

💸 We are unfortunately unable to financially compensate our volunteers. As a thank you, we will offer free food and some drinks at the festival, as well as a small gift. It is also a great way to engage with ASEED and the FAF, and learn a valuable skill that can be used for other movements and events.

📞 Interested? Send us a message at info@aseed.net by the Sunday 14th of May (but the sooner, the better!). If you are applying for the Logistics team, please mention which of the tasks would you like to help with, in case you have preferences or specific skills, like drivers license, knowledge of audio equipment. Let us know in case there are any accessibility issues we can help you accommodate. We are very excited to hear from you!