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Mobil kitchen “Le Sabot” cooks at FAF #3

We are happy to announce that “Le Sabot”, the activist mobile Kitchen, is gonna cook for guests, participants and volunteers on the Food Autonomy Festival from the 31st of May til 2nd of June. The people who are involved in this collective are activist themselves.

The word sabotage derives from the french word for clog »le sabot«. To stop the machines, the workers threw their clogs into them. We find it important to fight power structures and to resist exploitation. This can be done in different ways. We do it by supporting activists during meetings and actions in a basic need: we cook.

We want to have political discussions with those with whom we cook and do more than just supply infrastructure.

Because living together requires solidarity and cooperation that is not based on profit-making and its negative consequences, we try to live an alternative life even now, for example by seeking for short ways of transport and fair working conditions when we do our grocery shopping.

We cook for political and not for commercial reasons, often on a donation-basis. If there is a surplus, the money goes back to political projects and actions we want to support. We ask people to donate (to cover the costs) and we have a kind of guiding prize. 7 Euro for breakfast, lunch and dinner (including coffee and tea).

Guest post by Tanx Ron, Le Sabot