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New bi-monthly theme

The Common Agricultural Policy – A problem with potential for progress

Yet again we are closing a chapter of the ASEED bi-monthly themes and we are moving on from degrowth which has been very inspirational. For the coming months we are going to talk about the common agricultural policy (CAP) in both a local and global perspective.

The CAP is a comprehensive EU policy which has been around since the 1960’s. The main purpose of the policy is to economically support farmers throughout the European Union. An idea which has the potential to promote small scale farming and local production, but in reality, the industrial farming complex benefits the most from this financial scheme.

ASEED is teaming up with other groups and movements across Europe to campaign on the upcoming CAP reforms. Via this we will be addressing issues of access to land and how the CAP has potential for strengthening the agroecological movement and environmental progress- if done rightly

Additional to this we will open up discussions on how the CAP affects countries outside of the EU especially in the global South. The CAP has proven to have fatal consequences for local food production throughout Africa and the Caribbean due to food dumping. CAP, in combination with international trade deals, enables EU producers to dump their products on more precarious markets. We will go into depth about North-South relationships and how internal policies in the global North can have devastating effects on local communities in the global South.

We ask, what would the CAP look like, if it was based on food autonomy, social and environmental justice?