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Explanation about the swap tables at Reclaim the Seeds

Just like every year, this edition of Reclaim the Seeds will include seed swap tables were all participants can swap their self saved seeds. And we hope the tables will be more busy and better filled than the previous years! This is a chance for seed savers to exchange seeds with each other, and it is also an excellent opportunity for people who don’t know much about seeds or seed saving to meet and connect with more experienced savers. There will be two big market stalls where you can put your seeds and have a look around at what others have brought – and bring some new varieties home!

In a pdf-docment you will find more information about seed saving, what types of seeds are intended for this swap and how you can preferably bring them (i.e. what information to include per seed sort and how you can package them), as well as precise instructions for how to make a seed envelope. There will also be the possibility to make seed envelopes on the spot by the market stalls.