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What’s happening in the Dannenröder forest?

Danni Blog Part 1:

The Dannenröder Forst, or Danni is a forest in the center of Germany. It is also one of the key struggles of the climate justice movement in Germany right now, as the regional government has planned to cut it down for a new highway, the A49. This small blog is meant to give insight into the context of the struggle, information on how the place functions and all its beautiful aspects and flaws, as well as provide practical information on how to join, especially as an international.

What happened there so far?

The resistance against the highway project that is the reason for this whole mess has been going on for more than 40 years, where locals have lobbied to stop or change the plan, without much success. Around a year ago, the forest was occupied and the first structures were constructed. Now, it’s a massive occupation with more than 70 treehouses!

The Danni has been in the news already for weeks – a lot happens there every day. Next to the Danni, there are two other forests, which are cut down for the same highway. One is called “Maulbacher Wald” or “Mauli” and it has already been cut a few weeks ago. The other one is called “Herrenwald”, “Herrenloswald” or “Herri” and this forest is actively being cut at time of writing. Everyday, activists build new structures there, climb on trees and are getting evicted by climbing police. To bind police forces elsewhere and put pressure on the government, other actions outside of the forest have also occurred. Several highways have been blocked by people who have climbed down ropes from highway bridges, there have been blockades of Ferrero, one of the companies who will benefit the most from this highway and car companies like Volkswagen. Every now and then there are also solidarity actions in cities all over Germany by autonomous groups, individuals and collectives like Ende Gelände, Extinction Rebellion and Fridays for Future.

How to get there and useful links

If you come to the Danni for the first time, it’s best to go by car or train to the nearest bigger city, which is Stadtallendorf. From there, try to find a supporter who can drive you to the Camp site. There are quite a lot of people going forth and back from the station (and to other, bigger stations in the area) frequently. This is the address:

Zur Waldecke
35315 Homberg (Ohm)

You can walk as well, but this may take up to 2 hours.
Here are some useful links, if you want to journey there:
Telegram group for carpooling: https://t.me/mitfahrenDanni
Legal manual for direct action in Hessen

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