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Winter break donations call-out

Unfortunately, the revolution is not for free…

With your support from last year, we were able to fight many new battles and build stronger fossil-free agriculture collaborations across the movement.


After this long and eventful year, we are ready for a short winter break to start the new year with the same energy,continuously fighting for food autonomy!

In 2023 we re-focused our campaign against fossil ferlitizers and corporate control in agriculture, while supporting local, agroecological solutions.

All year we were busy hosting workshops, farming days, film screenings, guerilla gardening, presentations, protests against lobby events, disruptive and symbolic actions, writing articles, hosting grassroot gatherings, reading group sessions, trainings and, of course, our annual Food Autonomy Festival – this year with more than 300 participants!

We are so proud of all our achievements this year, and we want to build on the momentum we have gathered – and in order to do so, we need more donations!

With your support we can smash industrual agriculture! Revolution is not for free, and your donation brings us closer to realising food autonomy in the Netherlands and beyond.