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Join our Open Campaign Meeting!

ASEED Europe is inviting all interested people to join our monthly open meeting for building a Fossil Free Agriculture Campaign, on Tuesday October 9th in Amsterdam. This will be the fourth meeting since June and a great opportunity to hear more and be a part of this campaign.

Practical points:
* The meeting will take place in the Dokhuis (Plantage Doklaan 8 in Amsterdam) on Tuesday October 9th, from 7.30 to 9.00 PM.
* To make the meeting run smoothly, new people are invited to join a brief introduction to the campaign from 7 PM to 7.30 PM.
* From 6.30 to 7.30 PM there is the option to have a vegan dinner (on donation).
* If you are interested in coming, please send a message at the following address: info@aseed.net – knowing how many people we can expect helps us to prepare the meeting (and dinner). And this way we can send you some more information about the agenda of the meeting.
* If you are interested but not able to join you can also send some feedback by email.

The Fossil Free Agriculture campaign strives to help building a powerful emancipatory movement from below for a sustainable and just food system. By focussing on the use of fossil fuels in the corporate controlled industrial food system, we aim to expand the concept of climate justice to include agricultural justice and to connect the fossil fuel focussed climate movement and the food sovereignty movements.

At the meeting there will updated from different working groups and upcoming events. Most working groups have started to get some structure and the planning for events are getting clear so there are great opportunities to get involved and contribute with both practical and strategic work. Some examples of working groups are:

  • There is a working group for Free the Soil 2019 that will give updates about the upcoming meeting in Hamburg and the camp and action next summer. It will be opportunities to get more involved in the process of mobilising and organising a mass action.
  • The communication group are working on updating the website, making outreach material, slogans, pictures, graphics, stickers where all new ideas and skills are welcome.
  • Research groups are looking into different areas to deepen the knowledge about the connections between climate change and agriculture. So, this is a good way of learning more in this area or contribute with new perspectives and insights.
  • There are a group thinking on plans for an Autonomy Food Festival 3.0 with camp and actives that welcomes people to get involved in planning and realising it in 2019.

Other groups are working on the campaign to save the Boterbloem farm and Lutkemeer polder in Amsterdam as well as going to Hannover to join the Climate and Justice Games there.

Hope to see you on Tuesday!