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Regenerative Agriculture: an answer to YARA’s “answer to the future of farming”

– Big agrobusinesses are co-opting regenerative agriculture, distorting it to fit a business-as-usual agenda as a greenwashing tactic.

– True regenerative agriculture originates from and is led by BIPOC, peasant, and Majority World farmers and food workers, not large agrochemical companies from the Global North.

– Regenerative agriculture seeks to mimic the dynamics of a natural ecosystem and does not include monoculture or chemical input for fertilization.

– There is no one-size-fits-all approach, as it’s adaptive to the local environment and community.

– Agrochemical companies like Yara strive for the opposite: to control every aspect of nature to maximise yields and increase profits.

– Dependence on continuous chemical input is not regenerative!

– Yara is one of the biggest producers of synthetic nitrogen fertilizers in the world.

– Synthetic nitrogen fertilizers contribute to more than 20% of greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture, is entirely dependent on fossil fuels, depletes the soil, hinders carbon sequestration, and harms local biodiversity.

– Yara is Europe’s biggest corporate buyer of fossil gas and has spent €11.8bn on corporate lobbying in the EU from 2011-19.

– Although Yara uses a narrative of an urgency to “feed the world”, we don’t actually have a food shortage crisis, we have a food price crisis—and the fertilizer industry is profiting hugely from our current increased cost of living.

– Yara also uses this justification to spread their poison in the Global South, where farmers are pressured into synthetic fertilizer dependence.

– The “regenerative agriculture” that Yara promotes depletes the soil, only increases crop yield for a limited time before creating a dependence on synthetic nitrogen fertilizers, drastically decreases biodiversity both in the soil and surrounding environments, and leaves farmers trapped and indebted.

– ASEED actively campaigns against misinformation about sustainable agriculture spread by corporations such as Yara.

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